Ocean Glass

With a finely honed skill set, Ocean Glass creates glassware used around the world. Ocean Glass was looking for assistance to increase its digital awareness, and turned to Salt Media.

Social Media + Photography + Videography

About Client
Glassware For The Sophisticated

Ocean Glass is known around the world for its timeless and elegant glassware, and is used by both consumers and the hospitality industry for flawless presentation of cocktails. The type of glassware can affect the experience of the consumer, including smell, taste and feel.

Ocean Glass was looking to bring more of that sophistication and experience level to their digital portfolio. This experience included an easier online ordering experience for the target audiences and a mobile app experience to enhance the brand.

Brand Experience
Channeling The Experience

For Ocean Glass, the beauty, power, and inspiration of the ocean are brought into their brand experience, from the feel of the glass in the hand of the consumer to the precision of the size of the container to the shape and depth of the glassware to enhance the interaction with the cocktail. These elements were channeled into the digital experience, to elevate user engagement.

Online shopping
Making The Purchase A Journey

The online shopping experience of Ocean Glass was an important part of the overall journey of the customer. Salt Media was able to revamp and simplify this process so purchasing the glassware became more of a journey than a chore, and included new graphic and photography elements to enhance that journey.